Balance Ergonomic Seat

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Balance ergonomic seat is a cushioned seat with an unstable sitting surface that activates your postural muscles. Sit strong – “deskercise”! With the balance seat, you improve your posture, mobility, balance and strength while sitting.

Activate your muscles while you work or study. You can place the seat on any stool, chair or sofa as the function does not depend on the surface. Alternate use with short breaks to gradually build up strength. To strengthen your torso properly, Balance ergonomic seat is more unstable than a pilates ball. In addition, it is discreet enough for the office.

• Improves your posture, mobility and strength
• Provides ergonomic sitting with a focus on torso strength
• Can be used for both passive and active training
• Exercise guide on the purchase
• Use regularly, 15-30 minutes a day
• Unisex – OneSize
• Maximum 100 kg

How to use the Balance seat

How to sit on the Balance seat

Starting position 90 degrees. 

  1. Place Posture Balance on a chair, stool, office chair or on the sofa.
  2. If possible, adjust the height of the chair so that the angle in the hip is greater than 90°.
  3. Place both feet on the ground and sit in an upright position, without resting against the backrest.
  4. Be aware that the seat is wobbly so sit down carefully

Exercise tips

1. Lift one foot 
at a time a few centimetres from the ground. Keep the upper body still. Repeat 10 times per foot. 


+ Place your hands on your head. 

+ Close your eye  

2. Rotate the pelvis 
in a circle by tilting the seat downward and rotate 360°. Keep the upper body and head still throughout the movement. Change direction 


+ Increase the angle of the rotation by increasing the tilt of the seat. 

3. Lift one knee 
as high as possible and keep the upper body still. Hold the position. Repeat 10 times per knee. 


+ Place your hands on your head. 

+ Close your eyes. 

4. Tilt the pelvis
forward, alternate by tilting the pelvis backwards. 

5. Tilt the seat
from the side to side in a controlled movement. Increase the intensity by tilting as far as possible.

6. Place the right foot

above the left knee. Carefully tilt the seat back toward the right side. Repeat with the left foot above the right knee. 


MDF wood, Sanvage fabric


1,8 kg
31 cm diameter
12 cm high 


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